About Dustproof and waterproof tracking devices

Global Positioning System (GPS) units are navigational devices that use satellites orbiting Earth to locate position. GPS features extremely quick fixes and easy use; you simply turn the receiver on and start navigating. It can be used twenty- four hours a day, in any weather, wherever there is an open view of the sky. GPS receivers are available as handheld portables, as stand- alone bracket - mounted or in - dash models, and as “ black boxes ” combined with sonar devices. Sportfi shing boaters use GPS to get to and from selected locations and to determine the exact location of important fi shing grounds.

Waterproof or water-resistant describes objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments or under water to specified depths. Waterproofing describes making an object waterproof or water-resistant (such as a camera, watch or mobile phone). "Water resistant" and "waterproof" often refer to penetration of water in its liquid state and possibly under pressure, whereas damp proof refers to resistance to humidity or dampness. Permeation of water vapour through a material or structure is reported as a water vapour transmission rate. The hulls of boats and ships were once waterproofed by applying tar or pitch. Modern items may be waterproofed by applying water-repellent coatings or by sealing seams with gaskets or o-rings.

Useful tools for fishing

Waterproof GPS means the GPS tracker can be submerged completely underwater for long periods of time, and there won't be one single drop of water that enters the interior. Think of a balloon, completely sealed off from the outside world. Waterproof GPS is essential on any fishing trip. You won’t get lost and you’ll find your way back from even the remotest locations. For fishman or amateurs for fishing, the way to read the bottom of the lake by the map and insure where the fishes are is quite important, you can have a more efficient areas of lake but blind to look for, looking forward to the fish appear automatically. 
Permanent mount units, which have larger, easier- to - see displays, are favored for boat installations. While some are available as stand- alone units, used on large boats with plenty of console space, many are available in combination with sonar units. With these, you can view either sonar or GPS readings on the whole screen, or split the screen to show sonar info on one side and GPS info on the other. The navigational value of portable GPS tracking is obvious. The additional value to anglers is in pinpointing places to fish, schools of fish, or significant underwater structures, and being able to return to them unerringly. In some instances there is great value to pinpointing the specifi c part of an area to fish such as the riprap near a submerged wreck.
In addition, they use waterproof tracking devices as an aid to actual fishing activities, especially when angling in wide- open waters for nomadic schools of fi sh or pelagic species or when fishing specific bottom structures. Many models today store a tremendous amount of information inside (which can also be updated), not only pertaining to such matters as the location of aids to navigation, as would be found on charts, but also with regard to the location of marinas, boat ramps, and even facilities on land. Some boating anglers use handheld, or portable, GPS products while fishing. These are especially useful for anglers using canoes, inflatables, rental boats, and other craft without electrical systems, or when temporarily fi shing from someone else’ s boat. They are also perfect for hike- in fishing on remote waters. Although they are a good compromise for anglers who use GPS for a variety of outdoor activities that require portability, they aren ’ t the best choice for a permanent mounting in your boat. It can be more difficult to see their smaller screens and press their smaller keys while bouncing across the water than when using a full -sized, permanently mounted model.
Dustproof and Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker



Vehicle GPS Tracker is a powerful and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for motorcycle, electromobile and common vehicles. Operating voltage is from 7.5-90 VDC, which would be suitable for every vehicle on the road.  With GSM+GPRS+GPS technology, the device can easily achieve fast and accurate positioning. IP65 standard protects the device from rain and dust. Vibration detect, SOS button, geo-fence alarm and remote cut off power protects the vehicle in 360 degree.
Remote control ( Remote cut Off power/electricity )
Send SMS to the device to cut off the vehicle engine and circuit when someone startup the vehicle illegally in remotely.
Low voltage protection for battery
When your vehicle is laid-up, it will be in low battery to protect your vehicle.
Dustproof and Waterproof
It is waterproof and dustproof so that it can be protected well for a long time.
The terminal should be placed under cover. It is recommended to ask professionals to install the terminal for you. 
(1) The terminal should be placed under cover; 
(2) protect it from water; 
(3) Use bandage or foam tape to keep the terminal stable; 
(4) Please make sure that the front side of the terminal should be facing up without any metal cover. 



(1) Use multimeter to find out the negative pole of the battery. 
(2) Use multimeter to find out the ACC wire. Method: Use the red pen to connec" with the ACC wire while the black pen connects with the ground wire. In this condition, when the ignition lock is off, the voltage is O; when the ignition loci is turned on, the multimeter will show the voltage. 
(3) The red line (positive pole) of the terminal cable should be connected to the positive pole of the battery. 
(4) Follow the picture above to connect the wires. 
(5) When the terminal is connected to external power, insert the SIM and the indicator (power indicator) should be normally on. When the ignition lock is turned off, the red indicator should be flashing slowly. 
(6) The yellow wire of the relay control line should be connected to 86 as the picture shows.
Power ON/OFF 
Power ON 
The terminal will be automatically on when you insert the SIM card. The battery will connect the internal wires together in the terminal and the external power supply will start providing power to the device and also charging the battery. 
GSM&GPS signal searching 
After the power is on, itwill start searching the GSM and GPS signal. During this period the green indicator (GSM indicator) will be flashing while the blue indicator will be flashing quickly. When the blue indicator is flashing slowly, it means GPS has located. 
Power OFF 
Pull out the SIM card, the terminal will be off. 
Parameters setting 
Set APN 
Please send SMS command to the number of terminal so as to set up the APN parameter. 
Set DNS 
Please send SMS command to the number of terminal so as to set up the DNS parameter.
Add SOS numbers via platform 
You can set SOS number via the platform after activating the terminal. 
Set Center Number
Send SMS command from the SOS number to set the Center Number. 
Send SMS command
The terminal will reply messages including: IMEI number, GPRS upload interval time interval that GPS is activated when ACC is off, SOS numbers, center numb sensor alarm interval, defense time and time zone. 
Set GPS data upload interval 
Upload by interval 
The default upload interval is 20 seconds, which means every 20 seconds the terminal will upload its |ocation data to the platform. The interval can be set by sending SMS command.
Corners upload (ON as default) 
The terminal will upload GPS data to the platform when the vehicle is turning (turning angle reaches the pre-set value). 
NOTE: if the speed is too low during turning, the GPS data will be not able to upload to the platform. 
Arm time interval 
When the vehicle is turned off (ACC low) and stays off in 3 minutes(pre-set), the terminal will enter arm status. During this status, if the terminal detects 6 vibratio (default) and the vehicle still stays off (ACC off) in 30 seconds, it will activate vibration alarm.
Low Battery Alarm (ON as default) 
When the battery is low, the terminal will send SMS to SOS numbers and upload alarm information to platform. Send SMS command to turn off the alarm. 
Moving alarm (OFF as deiault)
In the situation where ACC becomes low, if the vehicle is moved over 300 meters (pre-set) from the latest location, the terminal will send moving alarm to the platform. SOS number will receive moving alarm message. 
Petrol cut-off
(1) Cut-off petrol 
When the vehicle was stolen, you can cut off the petrol on the platform in the situation where the speed is under 20km/h. Platform password is needed. Or you can send SMS command to the device. You can send SMS command to cut off petrol. 
(2) Restore petrol
You can restore petrol on the platform. Platform password is needed.